Today we initiate our “Latest News” page of the Moses Mesoamerican Archive Website by announcing that we are highlighting the very important study of the House of the Eagles at the site of the Great Aztec Temple. Published in 2006, Leonardo López Luján’s two-volume La Casa de las Águilas: Un ejemplo de la arquitectura religiosa de Tenochtitlan was supported by the Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project at Harvard University, as well as by the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia of Mexico. It is another good example of how the collaboration between Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, Davíd Carrasco, and Leonardo López Luján resulted in a significant advance in our understanding of the Aztec world.

Davíd Carrasco
Director, Moses Mesoamerican Archive
Harvard University

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