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Welcome back to the Mesoamerican Archive blog. You will recall our first blog consisted of the ‘chispa’ or spark of the Archive’s research conferences as Davíd Carrasco’s gave some introductory remarks at the 1979 conference “Center and Periphery and the Aztec Empire”.  Now we move to the ‘fire’ of our collaborative research as we hear an excerpt of Eduardo Matos Moctezuma’s initial interpretation at the conference on the Aztec pattern of ‘archetype and repetition’.   Listen as Mexico’s greatest living archaeologist describes how the amazing discoveries of the monumental Coyolxauhqui stone, the serpent heads adorning ceremonial platforms, and the vertical and horizontal symmetry of the Templo Mayor led him and his colleagues to elaborate on how the Aztec myth of the birth of the solar deity Huitzilopochtli was replicated in material form at the Templo Mayor.   Matos shows in clear detail how Hutizilpochtli’s mythical destruction of Coyolxauhqui and the centzon huitznahua, representing the moon and the stars, was materially represented in remarkable detail at the excavation which was still in an early stage. Many of you won’t need the accompanying translation by a member of the department of Spanish who was just then learning about the names and meanings of Aztec myth and architecture.

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